Destination Pont d'Arc - Ardèche, emotions engraved

The Ardèche is one of the most beautiful regions of France. Visit it, and rely on the camping in Ardèche 3 stars Le Vieux Vallon in Vallon Pont d'Arc to accompany you!

Pont d’Arc

Geological curiosity unique in the world, the Pont d’Arc is a natural arch located at the beginning of the Ardeche gorges. 54 metres high, 60 metres wide and from more than 500 000 years, this site is the best place for picture !

L’Aven d’Orgnac

L’Aven d’Orgnac offers a natural and breathtaking ! Classified Great Site of France, this Cave surprises the visitors with enormous volume and beauty of the undeground landscapes. With a constant temperature of 12 degrees, this underground cathedral can be visited throughout the year.

Balazuc, Labeaume, Vogüé

The nice stone houses, the charming paved road, flowery balcony, the river, the beach, glaciers, terraces overhead the Ardeche river, breathtaking points of view… How not to be bitten by this classified villages ?

The Chauvet Cave 2

Entering in the Chauvet Cave 2, copy of Chauvet Cave, is diving 36 000 years ago in the origins of the Art to meet men and women in Chauvet Cave, UNESCO humanity jewel. A time travel, a magical experience…

Canoe in Ardeche Gorges, the nature experience

A stay in Pont d'Arc - Ardèche without canoe down river, it is unimaginable ! And if you only want to do Canoe once in your life, Ardeche Gorges is the best place to do it ! You can't miss it.
Let imagine... A deep and wild canyon, 30 km long. Sheer cliffs, vertiginous. The river in the blinding sun. The heat on your skin. The smells of nature. Number of fantastic and wild birds. Calm and serenity. You will only heard your paddles on the water and cicada song. Unique feelings of fullness.

Activités & Loisirs

activités faire du canyoning camping Ardèche le Vieux Vallon Ardèche


In search of adrenaline and strong emotions? Or rather a memorable experience to live with the family? Swimming in the river bed, jumping in natural pools, abseiling in waterfalls, sliding on rocks, all in the heart of breathtaking nature...
faire randonnée camping le Vieux Vallon camping Ardèche


Une immersion au cœur de la nature, c’est la promesse qu’on vous fait le long des sentiers balisés ! Sites naturels grandioses et trésors cachés, panoramas et belvédères, rivières et plateaux calcaires, vous allez en prendre plein la vue !
faire du velo camping ardèche


Family stroll on the green path, sports mountain biking on marked trails, cycle tourism on the roads of the Ardéchoise… Each one has his own rhythm and his own path, but for all the pleasure of pedaling, enjoying, marveling, in the heart of a grandiose nature.

Art of living

  • Local market

    How good it is to stroll through the local markets ! Local fruits and vegetables, honey, charcuterie, goat cheese, olives, enough to prepare a typical meal from Ardèche !

  • Winery and Local produce

    Red, white, rosé : the winegrowers will make you "drink" it in all its colors ! Vine shapes are usual in the landscapes and it definitely takes part in the the regional knowledge and know-how.

  • All the handicraft

    Earth, glass, wood, leather, resin, scrap, metal, graphic arts... With talent, imagination and meticulousness craftsmen shape the material, restore, recycle, metamorphose and create with their fairy hands. Go and meet them in their workshops, exhibition spaces or on the markets...